Monday, July 15, 2013

PeopleTools 8.53 SQR jpeg Image Sizing Bug

We are in the middle of updating our PeopleSoft application to PeopleTools 8.53 from 8.49. While testing our SQR invoices, we encountered a bug in the way that the logos are embedded in the .pdf output. The logos, jpeg images from file, are not sized properly. We have 6 different Line of Business logos. Compared to 8.49, the logos ranged from very much smaller to somewhat larger and distorted. 

Oracle has acknowledged that this is a bug in PT 8.53 SQR. It will be fixed in PT 8.54, which, of course, won't be out for some time. The recommended workaround is to use .gif image files. 

I tested one gif logo today. It worked fine. We will be testing the rest soon.


We have tested all 6 of our .gif logos. There are some minor differences with the way they look in 8.49, but they will likely be acceptable as is. One upside, is the the invoice pdf is significantly smaller. Since we archive each invoice pdf, that will help save some storage costs.

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