Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Eucalyptus Trees

Another ride with the Diablo Cyclists - my last hard ride before Waves-to-Wine. Walnut Creek through Danville and Blackhawk. Out Tassajara Road to Highland, Collier Canyon and return.

The pace to Blackhawk was moderate, but things started to pick up after the rest break. We had a big pack going 28 mph on Tassajara. Turning on to Highland, the hammer went down. I hung on until the second roller, dropping off with one other guy. We stuck together until the rest break including a fun 30+ mph stretch.

When everyone got rolling after the break, it was pretty much a repeat. I hung on as long as I could with my heart rate in the low 160s. I paired up with a different partner for the ride back to Danville and finished just before noon. 50 miles, 33 mph max, 17.6 mph average.

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